Horner Blakey

141-142 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 6BQ

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Broker Horner Blakey, based in London strive to provide our clients with the
highest quality of independent, expert advice and service to ensure that you
get real value for money from your insurance arrangements.As Insurance Brokers our aim is to ensure that you have complete
peace of mind with the right insurance cover provided by an Insurer that has
the ability and desire to pay your insurance claims quickly and efficiently.Horner Blakey Insurance Brokers are based in the heart of the
city of London, at the centre of the London insurance Market and deal with
clients in London, the Home counties and across the UK.

Our present Fenchurch Street London is a stones throw from
Lloyds of London in the heart of the London Insurance Market. This enables us
to approach the leading insurance underwriters who are all based round the city
of London and negotiate as your insurance brokers the best possible insurance
premium terms for you.

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